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Business Presentation Skills
Learn to develop public speaking skills which allow you or your staff to give winning presentations.
Learn to enjoy Public Speaking
Through one on one coaching become confident and engaging so that you will communicate more effectively.
Professional speaking skills training
Through one on one training develop public speaking skills and become an engaging communicator.
Strategic Storytelling for Business
Strategic, well-told stories persuade, motivate and inspire.

Learn Public Speaking

Jane Thomas-John

Learn to enjoy public speaking - Coaching & Courses

One-on-One – Workshops – Small Groups.

Speaking at presentations, meetings, a wedding, to the media or to a camera?

Our public speaking training is tailored to your needs.

We'll help you overcome anxiety, polish delivery skills to ensure clarity and use strategic stories to connect with your audience.

We’ll show you how to develop the confidence to be an effective, engaging communicator. Authentic. Relevant. Focussed.

You can start to enjoy speaking in public. And have fun learning!

Speaking in public with confidence

As a young actress in both New Zealand and Australia, I was often sick to my stomach with nerves. I was in good company. Many actors - Stephen Fry, Jeff Bridges, Kate Winslet, Meryl Streep, Scarlet Johanssen - have suffered from stage fright.
Like them, I had to learn how to use the adrenaline to give me energy, pace and focus.
It's true.

You can learn to lose the fear, create presence and engage an audience.

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Private Coaching (Public Speaking)

Presentations * Meetings * Speeches for Family Celebrations

Public speaking is learning the art of being confident while engaging and stimulating the minds of your audience.Our one-on-one coaching achieves faster more effective growth & change. Each session is tailored to individual strengths and weaknesses.

You will learn to communicate more effectively, listen differently and change the way you react to things.
If you are motivated & apply the training you will gain the confidence to enjoy - yes enjoy - speaking to an audience! We guarantee results.

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Corporate Training - (Public Speaking)

One-on-one * Small groups * Workshops

In our work with both corporations and individuals we have found most people find public speaking one of their greatest challenges. This is true whether giving presentations, making a pitch, holding meetings with clients or staff or talking to the media. To see people gain the confidence to enjoy - yes enjoy - speaking in public is enormously rewarding for them and for us. Motivation is key.

If you tell, people forget, if you show they listen, but if you involve them they will remember!

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Public Speaking Tips & Tricks

Public Speaking Articles and Tips

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  • Body language
  • Lose the fear of speaking in public
  • How to pace your words for maximum effectiveness
  • Presentation skills
  • Talking to the media
  • The flight or fight response
  • Wedding speeches

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Avoid 'switch-off' - ensure your message is heard!


Body Language is our most ancient language. And it plays an important role in speaking to an audience, to camera or to the media People judge you the moment they see you. Watch out for the 'silent signals' - you may be sending the wrong ones!

  • Always greet people with a smile and eye contact.
  • Arms folded or across the body – closed or defensive
  • Eye rubbing – tired, bored, disbelieving
  • Appropriate dress - respect and interest
  • Expressive, ‘open’ hands’ – honesty
  • Smiling – confident, sincere

Presentations should be planned and structured (approximately) - introduction 10%, message 80%, conclusion 10%.

  • Engage and involve your audience. Ask them questions and invite them to ask questions.
  • Talk to them not at them.
  • Tell real stories and anecdotes. Use facts to back up your message.
  • Use Powerpoint less not more. More images and photos, less graphs and jargon.
  • Use bullet points not whole sentences on screen. Never read the screen to the audience.

Nervousness and fear can be overcome if you have prepared thoroughly.

  • If you know your material and stories well enough to not need more than bullet points.
  • If you have rehearsed out loud to a coach or supportive listener.
  • If you have checked out the venue and any technical support.
  • If you sincerely believe in your message and believe in yourself.
  • If you focus on your audience and message more than on yourself.

Tips Summary

  1. Tell stories, anecdotes, give examples – it will help audiences to relate and identify.
  2. Prepare ahead. Rehearse main points, facts and stories. Remember it takes practice - like sport or music.
  3. Be yourself and remember to believe in yourself and your message – then others will. Sincerity is the key.
  4. Check out the location make yourself at ease there.
  5. Use the adrenaline from any nervousness to give you positive energy – remember you are human, not perfect.
  6. Use pause - it gives your audience time to process your words and gives you time to think where you are going.
  7. Be interested in your audience - more than in your notes or Powerpoint.
  8. Find a coach - or someone you can trust - to give you feedback when you rehearse.

Corporate clients

Some corporate clients, see more about corporate training on our corporate training page.

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Customer feedback

  • airnzKate Nuttall

    Air New Zealand
    General Manager People/ Sales Offshore

    Hi Jane,

    I’ve had loads of great feedback from our team about your session (on Strategic Storytelling) – people really enjoyed it. You’ve got us thinking about our storytelling telling style and impact – it was wonderful to have you as part of the (training) day. I look forward to working with you again soon.

  • NZ Olympic Committee

    Rob Page

    Education Manager,
    New Zealand Olympic Committee.

    "Jane was wonderful. She quickly understood my needs and ran the two hour workshop to meet them perfectly. The Olympic Ambassadors were unanimous in their praise, and many said it was the best public speaking and presentation skills advice they had received. I would totally recommend Jane."

  • tps logoCraeg Williams

    TPS Credit Control
    Managing Director

    "All it took was three sessions, and it was worth every penny.
    I delivered my presentation with ease and all the feedback I received was very positive.
    Jane's teaching method is systematic and gets results fast. I am happy to recommend her to anyone looking to improve their public speaking skills"

  • apt travel logo

    Ajay Vagha

    NZ Operations Manager
    APT Travel Group

    Hi Jane,
    Everyone in the team loved the session, and the feedback was that your talk was a standout. Very pleased - our people learnt some great techniques. Thanks again, great working with you.

  • risk dynamics logo

    Ben Stevens

    Chief Excutive
    Risk Dynamics

    Thanks so much for your help Jane!!
    I’m amped and prepared
    You have been a massive help
    I’m happy to refer you also.

  • DFS Auckland WebEseta Nicholls

    Dress for Success

    Hi Jane

    Just wanted to say thank-you for a great talk last night (to the PWG of 'Dress for Success') - you could have heard a pin drop, leaving the group buzzing with excitement keen to put their next speech to the test.
    I for one have re-written my story and will not be shy to put my hand up in future (or will do so with confidence).

  • weddingTim Paulsen


    When I knew had to speak at my wedding I was dreading it. I never imagined I’d be able to stand up and speak without notes - but with Jane’s help I not only managed it I got fantastic feedback and everyone was very impressed.

  • mountain jade logoSabine Willensen

    Sales and Marketing Manager ‘Mountain Jade’.

    Thank you so much for your inspirational workshop Jane. We all enjoyed it tremendously and know we learned a lot!

  • James Usmar

    Macquarie Private Wealth  - Wealth Management

    "She gets great results - what else do you need to know?"

    "I went from 25% to 85% follow up success."

    Read our case study

  • jump shift logoPeter Schibli


    Thanks so much for the work you did with me last week.  I'm now fully committed to telling stories to make points.
    The thing that pulled me over the line was your own story telling. Great leadership by example!

  • tntPip Hair

    Marketing Manager Tonkin & Taylor.

    Dear Jane,

    My presentation went extremely well yesterday and generated around 30 minutes of discussion afterwards - I couldn't be happier.

  • Helen Talbot

    Fashion Designer

    "Jane was encouraging, humorous and above all dedicated. My speech was a great success and surprisingly, I enjoyed the experience." "I highly recommend Jane's services."

  • Sinda Hall

    Sweet Louise

    Hello Jane

    Thank you very much for a really great training session today.  I was frankly terrified when I saw the camera, plus having to do a talk in front of my peers.  I just hate anything like this.  But you made it non threatening and were very encouraging, so thank you for all the advice and tips.

  • Yvonne McLean

    ACC (ICF), Executive Coach

    "Working with Jane enabled me to take my presentation skills up another level."

    "I highly recommend Jane's services."

  • wooloworthsAngela Heising

    L&D Progressive Enterprises

    "Jane coached three finalists on presentation and interview skills for our International Paul Simons Awards.... our team presented with panache and impact - best of all - one (of them) became the first Kiwi to win."

  • ben kayeBen Kaye

    Master Tattooist

    My presentation went really, really well - all the prep paid off!
    I had a lot of people go out of their way to tell me they enjoyed it.
    I actually enjoyed it too so I'm planning on doing a lot more in the future, I have one in here in New Zealand planned and one in Toronto later in the year.

    Thank you very much for the help! I feel like I learned some great life skills.

  • blossom logo

    Tracy Manu

    ‘Blossom’ (Life Coach)

    I’ve spoken to audiences of up to 100 people and thought I was pretty good at what I do.  Then I worked with Jane!
    Jane helped me take my keynote speaking to a new level!
    She helped me construct my presentation in a way that was precise, informative and authentically me.

  • Jill Wilkinson

    Director CMB NZ

    After training with Jane, I gave my talk on Appropriate Image Presentation. They loved it. I got lots of applause and individual thanks from the members.
    Thank you so much for the help you gave me and for very quickly getting to the crucial things I needed to change.

  • Sally Fienerman


    Having delivered numerous speeches in the past. I knew I was OK but I wanted to be better than OK.

    After a chance meeting with Jane, I immediately employed her services as a coach.

  • Dean Reihana

    Wedding Celebrant

    Hey Jane,
    Thank you for coaching me for the wedding ceremony for my sis.
    When the time came . . . . . I nailed it! YAY!  
    I spoke clearly and loud enough for all to hear, had full control of the whole ceremony and best of all, I had everyone in the palm of my hand.
    They all enjoyed listening ..and I added my own spark to the event without stealing the attention away from the newly weds.


Jane's Blogg on public speaking


“In presentations and speeches less really is more.”
 Irish author Stephen Keague

It’s true. Audiences don’t complain about a presentation being too short.

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Story Telling

Recently I heard the actor, talk show host and professional storyteller Graham Norton, give a basic guide on how to tell a story well. ‘It’s an art form as old as Time’ he said. He’s right. We’ve been telling stories since the Pleistocene era.

Today we also use stories to make business presentations, pitches and meetings more effective and memorable.

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"If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough."  - Albert Einstein

Einstein sums up one of the basic rules of speaking.  
So when you prepare your next speech/presentation make sure you:

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Strategic Story Telling

On strategic storytelling - ‘Tell to Win’ author and business guru Peter Guber describes purposeful storytelling as a ‘Trojan Horse’. An audience takes in a good story not realising they’ve received the teller’s hidden message. Sneaky? Maybe. But it works.

Read more about our Strategic Story Telling workshops for Corporates

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