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Private Coaching (Public Speaking)

Presentations * Meetings * Speeches for Family Celebrations

Public speaking is learning the art of being confident while engaging and stimulating the minds of your audience.Our one-on-one coaching achieves faster more effective growth & change. Each session is tailored to individual strengths and weaknesses.

You will learn to communicate more effectively, listen differently and change the way you react to things.
If you are motivated & apply the training you will gain the confidence to enjoy - yes enjoy - speaking to an audience! We guarantee results.

Video playback/feedback delivers faster, more effective results - you can see your progress.


Why lose sleep? Get help now!


Talk/Present to an Audience

  • Overcome stage fright and tension
  • Relate the subject to the audience
  • Check body language
  • Identify core messages
  • Improve tone, pace and pitch
  • Use humour, imagery and anecdote
  • Choose appropriate dress and image
  • Rehearse and evaluate
  • Effective use of Powerpoint
  • Write and arrange material


Make a Wedding Speech or Birthday Toast

  • Prepare some structure
  • Use appropriate stories for the whole audience
  • Be clear why you are speaking
  • Sincerity not comedy is crucial
  • Be brief, 5 -10 min maximum
  • Use pace and pause to ensure everyone can hear

eulogy_speechGive a Eulogy

  • Ensure research on names & facts are accurate
  • Highlight the challenges & triumphs of the person's life
  • Pick a theme - use stories to illustrate
  • Prepare opening and closing statements
  • Use pause so they can absorb your words
  • Don't worry about being emotional - others will be

Private Coaching

  • How does it work? Usually 1-3 sessions - if you are motivated.
  • We can travel to your home or office for your convenience and comfort.
  • We offer fast response for urgent requests.


Run Effective Meetings

  • Preparation
  • Opening and closing
  • Body language
  • Maintain focus
  • Make it relevant
  • Resolving conflict
  • Using anecdote and example
  • When to stand or sit


  • $190.00 per session plus GST
  • $175 per session plus GST if five or more sessions are purchased in advance
  • Out of Auckland travel expenses extra
  • To save you time we can work with you at your office, or boardroom.

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